Party Time!

We had a great time celebrating a wonderful year in Pre-Nursery today; we had lots of fun playing pass the parcel, dancing with friends and playing musical statues.

Thanks for a great year!

Love from Miss Price, Miss Clubb, Miss Carruthers and Mrs Riddell.


Flower Art

Today we explored flowers with afternoon Pre-Nursery…


I asked, “What’s on the table?” #pn31, #pn15 and #pn14 tell me “Flowers.” #pn15 continues, “They’re bright.” Mrs Riddell asks, “What colours can see?” #pn15 replies, “Pink and blue.” #pn15 says, “White, I love white.” #pn32 says, “Blue and yellow.”

Miss Carruthers points to the leaves of the flowers and asks, “What are these called?” #pn15 tells us, “Leaf.” Miss Carruthers pointed to the bud of the flower and asked the children what they thought it was but they were unsure so we told them it was a bud; the part of the plant where the new shoot, leaf or flower develops from. #pn17 identified the stem.

We passed the flowers around and encouraged the children to smell them; #pn15 said, “It smells good.” #pn18 pretended to sneeze after smelling the flowers!

I asked, “Where do you see flowers?” #pn17 tells me, “In the park. I got some in my garden.”

We then used the flowers to create a beautiful piece of mark making by dipping them in different coloured paint.


Pinecone Provocation

I provided the children with an artificial tree and the basket of pinecones in the Heuristic Area; they came over to explore while I watched. They each selected pinecones and delicately hung them on the tree.

#pn26 thought to select some bracelets and hang them on the tree; excellent critical thinking!

#pn17 found buttons and beads to thread onto the tree, what a Thinkadocis!


Mark Making

#pn21 used lick and stick circles and stickers to create ‘funny faces.’  She applied two circle dots and said, “Eyes.” She used a triangle for a “Nose” and a rectangle for a “Mouth.”

#pn27 then created a face and named the eyes, nose and mouth; she showed a real sense of pride when sharing her creations with her teachers.

#pn26, #pn24, #pn33 and #pn29 also engaged in some mark making too.


Arts Week – Day 4 

Today we’re taking part in an Art’s Carousel of activities; I went into Nursery and Reception and Mrs Knowlson and Miss O’Malley came into Pre-Nursery.

My class have been looking at animals and learning about their features and how they move so I thought it would be fun to share this with Nursery and Reception…

Everyone showed great imagination when pretending to be the animals on my cards. The children used some fantastic vocabulary to describe how the animals look and how the animals might move. I was impressed with their physical ability and Reception were able to think of an animal, pretend to be it and they encouraged their friends to guess what they were. Great work everyone!