Super Singing

These two friends used their imaginations today by pretending that the box was a bus. They sang together and I was lucky enough to capture this really special moment.

Well done, girls!

#lha and #sh

PSED: MR -30-50 months, SCSA +22-36 months. CL: LA -30-50months, S =22-36 months. L: R +22-36 months. EAD: BI -30-50 months.

C of EL: Critical Thinking, Active Learning and Playing and Exploring.

Next Steps: Sings to self and makes up simple songs

Exploring the Creative Trolley

We have a new creative trolley in Pre-Nursery; this will enable the children to independently access a range of different resources and materials.

In order for the children to get the most out of the new addition to our room, we spent time talking about what we could see, how they could be used and exploring the items together.

I ask, “What can you see?”

#ld says, “Paper,” he then picks up the pencils and tells me, “Pencils.”

#sh says, “Feathers,” as she picks up the collage materials basket. She also says, “Big.”

#lha picks up some scissors and I ask, “What are they?” She replies, “Scissors.” I ask, “What do we do with scissors?” #ld tells me, “Snip, snip, snip.”

#gmj picks up the sellotape, I pull the tape off and #ld says, “Touch it.” Each of the children touch the sticky side of the tape then the top of the tape. #sh says the tape is, “Blue.” I ask, “Do they feel the same?” The children remain quiet. #ld and #gmj then cut the tape using the scissors. I ask again, “How does it feel?” After waiting for a reply, I say, “It’s sticky, it’s called sticky tape or sellotape.”

#lha pushed the trolley to the tables and #ld got himself some paper, he then got paper for his friends who had sat around the table.

#gmj was able to use the easy grip scissors when shown and given encouragement. #gg was able to make snips using the childrens’ scissors too.

Secret Readers

We are always looking for ways to continually build upon and strengthen our links with parents and families, and one way of us doing this is with the introduction of a Family Secret Reader.

Each week, a different child will be chosen and a member of their family will be invited into school to read a story at the end of the day. The children will not know who has been chosen, in order for it to be a big surprise for them.

Family Secret Reader will be every Thursday, and will take place at the following times:

Pre-Nursery AM: Thursday 11:10am

Pre-Nursery PM: Thursday 2:50pm

If this day does not work for yourself, we will work around your availability.

Please let me know if you or a member of your family would like to become a secret reader. We will then update you on the Monday of each week if it is your turn to come in and read.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Price