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World Nursery Rhyme Week – Day 2

Today we’re focusing on the song ‘Hickory Dickory Dock.’

These little girls made marks to represent numbers on their clocks. #mc said, “Clock,” and counted aloud 1-10 as I pointed to the numbers on the clock.

We also used number sponges to make clocks and talk about numbers too.

World Nursery Rhyme Week – Day One

Today we’ve been singing the nursery rhyme ‘Lavender’s Blue’ – to go along with this we’ve been exploring lavender sensory rice and colour mixing different shades of purple using paint.

#lha  tells me the rice is “Purple.” She brings the rice to her nose to smell it. #sh also smells the rice. #ld sprinkles the rice into the tray and tells me, “Raining.”

#jg scoops the rice using a scoop and also runs her hands through the rice.

#alr laughed to herself as she tips rice from one container to another

Outdoor Area

The Early Years Team spent yesterday afternoon developing our existing outdoor area, we added tyres for planting, a new mark making area, a seating area using a large cable reel and logs as seats, we also have some new number logs for balancing on.

These little girls were very helpful carrying our new plants through.

#alr really enjoyed helping fill the tyres with soil.

#mc and #sh worked together to travel on the bike. #lha had fun pushing her bicycle around the track. #gg developed her bilateral co-ordination when pushing down on the pedals on the bicycle. #ld enjoyed making music in the music area of the outdoor provision.

#mc, #jg, #lha, #gg and #sh were very keen to explore the new multi-play structure.

Key Dates

Here are a few key dates for the upcoming week:


  • World Nursery Rhyme Week – Monday 13th – Friday 17th November.
  • Stay and Play – Wednesday 15th November (AM Pre-Nursery 11AM, PM Pre-Nursery 2:45PM).
  • Children in Need – Thursday 16th November (spotty dress-up).
  • World Nursery Rhyme Week Celebration Day – Friday 17th November (dress up as favourite nursery rhyme character).

Little Red Riding Hood

Our new Communication and Language focus is the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’

We looked at the front cover of story together and I asked, “What can you see?”

#mc said, “Miss Polly,” as she pointed to Little Red Riding Hood.

#sh said, “Fox” as she pointed to wolf.

#erc said, “Little Red Riding Hood. Carrying a basket”

#lj says, “Carrying a bag.”

I ask, “What colour are her clothes?”

#mc replies, “Red.”

We then read the story and afterwards I ask, “Who is in the story?” and “Who is the story about?”

#mc tells us, “The wolf, Mama, Yaya.”

#erc says, “Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf and Granny.”

I tell the children I have a Granny but I call her ‘Nana’, #erc says, “I’ve got three nannies – Nanny Denise, Nanny Rose and Nanny Sandra.” #lj tells us, he has “Nanny Tracey.” #ec says, “Nanny.”

#erc notices I have something on my lap, she points to it and says, “You’ve got something red.” I pose the question, “What could it be?” #erc suggests, “Little Red Riding Hood.”

We then look at the doll, #lha says, “Granny” and “Wolf” as she explores the doll. #sh says, “Wolf.” #erc says, “Granny,” “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Wolf” as she explores the doll.

I ask, “Who pretends to be Granny?” #erc tells me, “The big bad wolf.”

I say to the children, “I wonder why Little Red Riding Hood was taking cakes to Granny?” The children weren’t sure so we’re going to revisit this idea.


Pre-Nursery have been talking about fireworks, we watched some firework displays on YouTube.

We posed the question, “What is it?”

#ld and #gg said, “Fireworks!”

Mrs Riddell asked, “What colours can you see?

#mc replied “Blue,” “Red” and “Green.”

We then talked about the sounds they made and #mc said, “Whoosh” and “Boom.” #lj said, “Bang! Rocket, boom.”

#cdf said, “Wow!” as he watched the fireworks.

We thought it would be fun to create our own firework display; we used a combination of paint, string, glitter and glue!

#erc said, “Night time” when she saw the black paper and after creating her picture, she described it as, “Spingly.”

CL, S, -22-36 months

CL, U, -22-36 months

CL, LA, -22-36 months

EAD, EMM, +16-26 months

C of EL – PE, AL and CTC


Imaginative Play with Playdough

We have replaced the plastic resources in Playdough Area with natural items; these allow for more imaginative and opened ended play.

#ane used the bamboo to press and roll his dough, he then squashed the dough between too logs and pretended to eat it! After that he pressed dough into the bamboo and added little sticks to the top, he then blew onto the sticks. I said, “Are you blowing the candles out?” #ane laughed and blew at the sticks again.

#srw used the log as a surface to add play dough too; she rolled balls and added them to the log. She told me, “They’re the eyes, it’s on his face.” #srw used a stick to press her dough into the bamboo tube. #srw added sticks to one of her creations and begins singing, ‘Happy Birthday.’

Exploring Pumpkins

Mrs Riddell kindly brought in her beautifully decorated pumpkin from home; Pre-Nursery had lots of fun exploring it.

#sh said, “Pumpkin,” “Star,” and “Flowers.”

#mc said, “Twinkle twinkle,” as she pointed to the star. She then pointed to the mouth and eyes, saying, “Mouth” and ” Two eyes.”

#lha said, “Eyes.”

#srw, #erc, #ec, #alr, said, “Pumpkin,” when we brought the pumpkin over it. #srw pointed to the star and said, “That looks like twinkle star.”

I ask, “What’s inside? What could be shining bright?” #srw tells me, “A light.”

#erc says, “I’ve got a pumpkin bucket.” I ask, “What do you use it for?” She replies, “I’m going to say trick or treat please.” I ask, “Will you wear something different?” #erc said, “A princess dress.”

After taking the lid off, #erc and #srw worked together to fit the lid back inside the pumpkin.

I say, “Look at the front of the pumpkin, what can you see?”  #erc tells me, “A flower, I like flowers.” I ask, “What do you like about flowers?” #erc remained quiet.