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World Nursery Rhyme week – Day 5

We had a wonderful day celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week; we dressed up as our favourite people and characters from rhymes.

#hg was Little Boy Blue.

#ld was Jack from Jack and Jill.

#lha dressed as Minnie Mouse.

#gg was a cat.

#erc dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and #srw was Twinkle Twinkle.

Mrs Riddell dressed up as the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and I came as Twinkle Twinkle too.

World Nursery Rhyme Week – Day 2

Today we’re focusing on the song ‘Hickory Dickory Dock.’

These little girls made marks to represent numbers on their clocks. #mc said, “Clock,” and counted aloud 1-10 as I pointed to the numbers on the clock.

We also used number sponges to make clocks and talk about numbers too.

World Nursery Rhyme Week – Day One

Today we’ve been singing the nursery rhyme ‘Lavender’s Blue’ – to go along with this we’ve been exploring lavender sensory rice and colour mixing different shades of purple using paint.

#lha  tells me the rice is “Purple.” She brings the rice to her nose to smell it. #sh also smells the rice. #ld sprinkles the rice into the tray and tells me, “Raining.”

#jg scoops the rice using a scoop and also runs her hands through the rice.

#alr laughed to herself as she tips rice from one container to another

Imaginative Play with Playdough

We have replaced the plastic resources in Playdough Area with natural items; these allow for more imaginative and opened ended play.

#ane used the bamboo to press and roll his dough, he then squashed the dough between too logs and pretended to eat it! After that he pressed dough into the bamboo and added little sticks to the top, he then blew onto the sticks. I said, “Are you blowing the candles out?” #ane laughed and blew at the sticks again.

#srw used the log as a surface to add play dough too; she rolled balls and added them to the log. She told me, “They’re the eyes, it’s on his face.” #srw used a stick to press her dough into the bamboo tube. #srw added sticks to one of her creations and begins singing, ‘Happy Birthday.’

Marvellous Mark Making

Early Years have been focusing on the traditional tale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff,’ this week. The children in Pre-Nursery are really enjoying the story and they are starting to recall details from the text as well as pretending to be some of the characters!

The children have been particularly interested in mark making recently; they especially like laying on the floor and drawing on pads with pencils.

These goats were fantastic!

This little girl watched me draw a troll and write ‘I’m going to eat you up.’ She then made marks of her own and when I asked, “What does this say?” She told me, “I’m going to eat you up.” She said this in a ‘troll’ voice – mimicking the voice I use for the troll.

She then watched as I drew around a bamboo tube and I said, “I’m drawing my face.” When I finished, she looked at my drawing and laughed, pointed to me and said, “Miss Price!” The little girl then copied my technique…

The little girl then made some more marks and told me, “Mmm.”