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Exploring Root Ginger

Today we explored root ginger, it was wrapped up in red tissue paper. #ld tried to open the package and couldn’t, I said, “How could you open it, what could you use?” #ld replied, “Scissors,” I say and “What will you do with the scissors?” #ld says, “Snip, snip, snip.” I suggest going to get some, so he walks over to where the scissors are kept. Mrs Riddell gives him a pair of scissors and he brings them over to the mat – carrying them sensibly and safely. He used the scissors to try and cut the paper, when he was unable to cut the paper, he passed the scissors to his friend saying, “‘Ere are.” (PSED, SCSA, +22-36 months, CL, S, -22-36 months, PD, MH, +22-36 months.)

#lha then cut a hole in the paper. (PD, MH, -30-50 months).

#ld holds a small piece of ginger in his hand and Mrs Riddell shows the children how to peel the ginger using a spoon.

#ld says, “Wet. Little one.”

The children spent time smelling the ginger.

Afternoon Pre-Nursery also examined ginger; #erc said the package was, “It’s a present for Santa.” I say, “I wonder what it is.” #erc tells me, “It’s for Santa’s birds. CL, S, +22-36 months.

As the children explore the ginger and learn how to peel it with a spoon, #srw says, “More, I like it.” (CL, S, =22-36 months).

#erc says, “I don’t like it.” (CL, S, =22-36 months).

#alr says, “Smell nice.” (CL, S, -22-36 months).

#alr, #ane, #srw, #ec, and #erc – PD, MH, +22-36 months

Exploring Wheat Grain

Today I provided the children with a bag of wheat grain inside a paper bag in order to encourage them to ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas.

As the children pass the bag around I ask, “What do you think is in the bag?” #ld answers, “Heavy.” I continue, “The bag feels heavy, I wonder whats making the bag heavy.” #gg and #sh say, “Bag.”

When #sh holds the bag, I ask, “Do you think the bag is heavy?” She say, “Yes.”

We then peep inside the bag and I pose the question, “What can you see?” #gg says, “Chickens.”

#ld shook the bag and as #gg looked at the grain, she said, “That!” and pointed to the Talking Wall (there is an image of wheat grain on the wall). With encouragement #lha is able to go to the Talking Wall and point to the wheat. #sh shouts, “Porridge.”

I say, “I think we should open the bag, how will we open the bag?” #lha suggests “Scissors.” I get a pair of scissors and open the bag, I then pour some of the grain into a tray and the children begin to explore. I ask, “How does the grain feel?” #lha says, “Hard” and #sh says, “It’s hard.”

We read the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and #lha said, “Hen.” I ask, “Who will help the hen?” #gg suggests, “Cat.” I continue, “Let’s see if the cat helps the hen.” As I begin reading that part of the story, #gg finishes my sentence, “Not I.”

When I read about the hen baking the bread, #sh says, “Kitchen, hot!”

We then explored the grain with our hands in the messy tray. #ld brought a tractor over and used it to create marks in the grain.

World Nursery Rhyme Week – Day One

Today we’ve been singing the nursery rhyme ‘Lavender’s Blue’ – to go along with this we’ve been exploring lavender sensory rice and colour mixing different shades of purple using paint.

#lha  tells me the rice is “Purple.” She brings the rice to her nose to smell it. #sh also smells the rice. #ld sprinkles the rice into the tray and tells me, “Raining.”

#jg scoops the rice using a scoop and also runs her hands through the rice.

#alr laughed to herself as she tips rice from one container to another

Outdoor Area

The Early Years Team spent yesterday afternoon developing our existing outdoor area, we added tyres for planting, a new mark making area, a seating area using a large cable reel and logs as seats, we also have some new number logs for balancing on.

These little girls were very helpful carrying our new plants through.

#alr really enjoyed helping fill the tyres with soil.

#mc and #sh worked together to travel on the bike. #lha had fun pushing her bicycle around the track. #gg developed her bilateral co-ordination when pushing down on the pedals on the bicycle. #ld enjoyed making music in the music area of the outdoor provision.

#mc, #jg, #lha, #gg and #sh were very keen to explore the new multi-play structure.

Exploring Pumpkins

Mrs Riddell kindly brought in her beautifully decorated pumpkin from home; Pre-Nursery had lots of fun exploring it.

#sh said, “Pumpkin,” “Star,” and “Flowers.”

#mc said, “Twinkle twinkle,” as she pointed to the star. She then pointed to the mouth and eyes, saying, “Mouth” and ” Two eyes.”

#lha said, “Eyes.”

#srw, #erc, #ec, #alr, said, “Pumpkin,” when we brought the pumpkin over it. #srw pointed to the star and said, “That looks like twinkle star.”

I ask, “What’s inside? What could be shining bright?” #srw tells me, “A light.”

#erc says, “I’ve got a pumpkin bucket.” I ask, “What do you use it for?” She replies, “I’m going to say trick or treat please.” I ask, “Will you wear something different?” #erc said, “A princess dress.”

After taking the lid off, #erc and #srw worked together to fit the lid back inside the pumpkin.

I say, “Look at the front of the pumpkin, what can you see?”  #erc tells me, “A flower, I like flowers.” I ask, “What do you like about flowers?” #erc remained quiet.

Look at all this mess…

Pre-Nursery came into class today and found a big pile of sand on the floor.

#ld and #as went over to investigate, #ld pointed and said, “Sand.”

#erc noticed there were, “Five brushes” and also said, “I made a circle,” as she made marks in the sand.

Using brushes is an excellent way to develop gross motor skills and co-ordination; repeated movement patterns play an essential part in brain development. Children need lots of opportunities to develop their gross motor skills as these provide the foundations for handwriting.