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Marvellous Mark Making

Early Years have been focusing on the traditional tale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff,’ this week. The children in Pre-Nursery are really enjoying the story and they are starting to recall details from the text as well as pretending to be some of the characters!

The children have been particularly interested in mark making recently; they especially like laying on the floor and drawing on pads with pencils.

These goats were fantastic!

This little girl watched me draw a troll and write ‘I’m going to eat you up.’ She then made marks of her own and when I asked, “What does this say?” She told me, “I’m going to eat you up.” She said this in a ‘troll’ voice – mimicking the voice I use for the troll.

She then watched as I drew around a bamboo tube and I said, “I’m drawing my face.” When I finished, she looked at my drawing and laughed, pointed to me and said, “Miss Price!” The little girl then copied my technique…

The little girl then made some more marks and told me, “Mmm.”


Look at all this mess…

Pre-Nursery came into class today and found a big pile of sand on the floor.

#ld and #as went over to investigate, #ld pointed and said, “Sand.”

#erc noticed there were, “Five brushes” and also said, “I made a circle,” as she made marks in the sand.

Using brushes is an excellent way to develop gross motor skills and co-ordination; repeated movement patterns play an essential part in brain development. Children need lots of opportunities to develop their gross motor skills as these provide the foundations for handwriting.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

The Communication and Language focus for the next two weeks will be the story ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears.’

We introduced the story today and our initial focus was to examine the front cover…

I asked the children, “Is it the three pigs?” #mc replied, “Nooo, bears!” I continue, “How many bears?” #mc counted aloud, “1, 2, 3.”

As I read the story, #gg copies my hand motion and says, “Hot,” when referring to the porridge.

When we look at the picture of the broken chair, #gg and #mc say, “Oh no!,” and gasp. As we look at the illustration of Goldilocks sleeping in baby bears bed, #mc makes a snoring sound.

When we reach the final page of the story and Goldilocks is leaving the bears’ house, #as shouted, “There she is.” #gmj repeated the question, “Where is she going?”

When looking at the front cover of the book with afternoon Pre-Nursery, I ask, “What can you see?” #erc says, “Three bears” and #srw says, “Bears.” I point to the illustration of Goldilocks and ask, “Who is this?” #erc says, “Goldilocks.” #erc was able to finish phrases from the story as I read.

I ask, “What does Goldilocks use to eat the porridge?” #erc says, “Spoon.” We look at the illustration of Goldilocks looking at the porridge, I ask, “What is Goldilocks doing?” #erc tells me, “Licking her lips.” #srw, #lj, #ec and #alr all licked their lips.

When we saw that one of the chairs was broken, I asked, “What’s happened?” #erc says, “She broked it.” I said, “How do you know Goldilocks has broken the chair?” #erc says, “It’s in pieces.” #lj says, “Legs come off.”

When I read, “This bed is just right,” I ask, “How do we know this bed is just right?” #erc says, “Because she’s sleeping in it. The bears are coming back.” I continue, “Is that what happens next, the bears come back?”

#erc points to Goldilocks and says, “She’s running.” I ask, “Where is she running to?” #srw says, “Back to her house.”

The children had lots of fun exploring our new small world area today; I set up an invitation to play by providing different sized bears, bowls, spoons, beds and porridge oats. The children pretended to feed the bears, laid the bears on their beds and explored the texture of the oats.

We have brown playdough, teddybear cutters and a little girl cutter to encourage talk about the story and the characters. #sh sais, “Teddybear,” as she cut out a teddybear in the playdough.

Painting Pigs

We’ve been talking about the features of a pig and thought it would be fun to paint some.

#as said, “A pig, pink.” As she painted. #gg and #mc made excellent pig sounds. #mc pointed to part of her painting and said, “Snout.” #sh pointed to her creation and said, “Pig.”