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The Gingerbread Man

Our communication and language focus for the next two weeks is the story, ‘The Gingerbread Man.’

We looked at the front cover of the book before I read the story, I ask, “What can you see?” #sh says, “Gin gin man.” I say, “Yes, it’s the gingerbread man, well done.”

I as I read the second to last page, I ask, “Where is the gingerbread man?” #ld says, “Outside.” I say, “Outside by the river but I can’t see him.” #sh rubs her tummy and points to the fox saying, “Tummy.” #lha rubs her finger over the tummy of the fox. I say, “Look, at the fox, what’s he doing?” #sh tells me, “Hungry!” I said, “He does look hungry doesn’t he, he’s licking his lips but where  is the gingerbread man?”

Today these little girls explored the ginger scented dough and created their own gingerbread characters.

#srw really persisted when cutting the gingerbread people out of the dough – at first she said, “I can’t do it.” I said, “I think you can. Press the cutter down, lift it up and you’ll see.” She managed to cut out a gingerbread man and brought over a baking tray then put the gingerbread man on it, saying, “He goes here.” She continued to cut more gingerbread figures out and says, “Press and take it off.” She lines each of her gingerbread people on the tray and I suggest counting them, #srw counts aloud 1-10 as I point to each one.

#erc rolls up tiny balls of play dough and adds them to the gingerbread men, she says “Here’s his buttons, 1, 2, 3.”

When looking at the book with afternoon Pre-Nursery, Miss Faram asks, “Who is that?” as she points to the front cover. #erc replies, “The gingerbread man!”  I ask, “How do you know it’s the gingerbread man?” #erc tells me, “The lady and the man baked him in the oven.”

#erc comments that the oven tray in the book is “Sparkly.” #ane says, “Gin gin.”

As Miss Faram reads, #erc used the refrain, “You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man.” She also said the boy in the story had “Ginger hair.” #erc said, “They’re running” when we reached the page with the people chasing the gingerbread man.

#alr was said, “Horsey” and “Moo” when she saw the horse and the cow.

Again, when we reach the end, Mis Faram poses the question, “Where’s the gingerbread man gone? What’s happened to him?” #erc says, “He (fox) eat him up!”

We then talk about what the gingerbread man looks like and I ask “What would your gingerbread look like?” #erc says, “A girl one.” I ask, “What would make it a ‘girl one’?” She replies, “Two eyes, a mouth, toes.” I ask, “What else would she have?” #erc tells me, “Legs.” I say, “What could she wear?” #erc tells me, “A hat and scarf.”

Exploring Wheat Grain

Today I provided the children with a bag of wheat grain inside a paper bag in order to encourage them to ask questions and share their thoughts and ideas.

As the children pass the bag around I ask, “What do you think is in the bag?” #ld answers, “Heavy.” I continue, “The bag feels heavy, I wonder whats making the bag heavy.” #gg and #sh say, “Bag.”

When #sh holds the bag, I ask, “Do you think the bag is heavy?” She say, “Yes.”

We then peep inside the bag and I pose the question, “What can you see?” #gg says, “Chickens.”

#ld shook the bag and as #gg looked at the grain, she said, “That!” and pointed to the Talking Wall (there is an image of wheat grain on the wall). With encouragement #lha is able to go to the Talking Wall and point to the wheat. #sh shouts, “Porridge.”

I say, “I think we should open the bag, how will we open the bag?” #lha suggests “Scissors.” I get a pair of scissors and open the bag, I then pour some of the grain into a tray and the children begin to explore. I ask, “How does the grain feel?” #lha says, “Hard” and #sh says, “It’s hard.”

We read the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and #lha said, “Hen.” I ask, “Who will help the hen?” #gg suggests, “Cat.” I continue, “Let’s see if the cat helps the hen.” As I begin reading that part of the story, #gg finishes my sentence, “Not I.”

When I read about the hen baking the bread, #sh says, “Kitchen, hot!”

We then explored the grain with our hands in the messy tray. #ld brought a tractor over and used it to create marks in the grain.

The Little Red Hen

For the next two weeks Pre-Nursery will be focusing on the traditional tale, ‘The Little Red Hen.’

Today we talked about the front cover.

I ask, “What can you see? What do you think this story could be about?”

#ld said, “Chicken.” #sh pointed to the hens head and said, “Red.”

I continue, “Where is the chicken, what room is the hen in?” I give the children time to think and respond but they stayed quiet. I say, “I can see a kettle, I can see an oven; what room do we have those in?” I waited again – allowing the children to think about my questions – but they remained quiet so I ask, “Where do we cook?”

#sh says “Kitchen.” I say, “That’s right we cook in the kitchen. I wonder what the hen is making.” #sh says, “Porridge” and #ld suggests a “Cookie” – this is excellent critical thinking. Mrs Riddell suggested that the hen might be baking bread.

Mrs Riddell begins to read the story and #ld repeats the word, “Wheat” and then says, “Woof, woof, woof” when Mrs Riddell points to the illustration of the dog. #sh and #ld point to the cat in the book and say, “Cat.”

One of the illustrations shows the hen digging and there are beads of sweat coming from her head, #sh suggest that the hen is, “Crying.” I say, “I see why you think the hen is crying, those drops look like tears, but look, she’s digging, she’s working very hard, I think she is sweating. Those droplets are beads of sweat because she is digging.” #ld says, “Dig, spade.”

When we look at the illustration of the hen cutting the wheat, #ld says, “Tall, cutting.” He then touches the illustration of the hen taking the bread from the oven, he says, “OW!” I ask, “What happened?” #sh answers, “It’s hot.”

The final page of the story depicts the hen eating the bread, #sh says, “Yummy, nom, nom, nom.”

We have a farm as our small world to support the children’s learning alongside this story.

Little Red Riding Hood

Our new Communication and Language focus is the story ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’

We looked at the front cover of story together and I asked, “What can you see?”

#mc said, “Miss Polly,” as she pointed to Little Red Riding Hood.

#sh said, “Fox” as she pointed to wolf.

#erc said, “Little Red Riding Hood. Carrying a basket”

#lj says, “Carrying a bag.”

I ask, “What colour are her clothes?”

#mc replies, “Red.”

We then read the story and afterwards I ask, “Who is in the story?” and “Who is the story about?”

#mc tells us, “The wolf, Mama, Yaya.”

#erc says, “Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf and Granny.”

I tell the children I have a Granny but I call her ‘Nana’, #erc says, “I’ve got three nannies – Nanny Denise, Nanny Rose and Nanny Sandra.” #lj tells us, he has “Nanny Tracey.” #ec says, “Nanny.”

#erc notices I have something on my lap, she points to it and says, “You’ve got something red.” I pose the question, “What could it be?” #erc suggests, “Little Red Riding Hood.”

We then look at the doll, #lha says, “Granny” and “Wolf” as she explores the doll. #sh says, “Wolf.” #erc says, “Granny,” “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Wolf” as she explores the doll.

I ask, “Who pretends to be Granny?” #erc tells me, “The big bad wolf.”

I say to the children, “I wonder why Little Red Riding Hood was taking cakes to Granny?” The children weren’t sure so we’re going to revisit this idea.

Marvellous Mark Making

Early Years have been focusing on the traditional tale of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff,’ this week. The children in Pre-Nursery are really enjoying the story and they are starting to recall details from the text as well as pretending to be some of the characters!

The children have been particularly interested in mark making recently; they especially like laying on the floor and drawing on pads with pencils.

These goats were fantastic!

This little girl watched me draw a troll and write ‘I’m going to eat you up.’ She then made marks of her own and when I asked, “What does this say?” She told me, “I’m going to eat you up.” She said this in a ‘troll’ voice – mimicking the voice I use for the troll.

She then watched as I drew around a bamboo tube and I said, “I’m drawing my face.” When I finished, she looked at my drawing and laughed, pointed to me and said, “Miss Price!” The little girl then copied my technique…

The little girl then made some more marks and told me, “Mmm.”


Retelling the story

During Story Time today, Afternoon Pre-Nursery showed great communication and language skills.

I asked, “What is the story called?” #erc replied, “Goldilocks and The Three Bears.”

I ask, “Who is the story about?” #srw says, “Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear.” #erc said, “And Baby Bear.”

I say, “Where do the bears go?” #erc says “In the forest.” I continue, “Why did they go into the forest?” #erc says, “Cool porridge down.”

I continue, “Who else was out for a walk that day?” #erc says, “Goldilocks with the long, long hair.” #srw says, “She’s got hair like me.”

I ask, “What happens next?” #erc says, “She eats the porridge…too hot, too cold…just right.”

I ask, “What happens next?” #erc tells me, “Sit down.” srw says, “Too squishy.”

I ask, “Who’s chair did she sit on next?” #erc said, “Baby’s chair and she broke it.”

I ask, “What happened next?” #erc said, “Then the three bears came back.” I continue, “Are you sure?” #erc says, “She has a sleep.”

“Who’s bed did she try first?” #erc says, “Daddy’s bed.” I ask,  “Who’s bed did she fall asleep in?” #erc tells me, “Baby bears bed, then the bears came home.”

I continue, “What did Daddy bear say?” #srw says, “Who’s been eating my porridge?” and she used a different voice for mummy bear.

We’re really proud of the children for being able to recall details of the story, well done!

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

The Communication and Language focus for the next two weeks will be the story ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears.’

We introduced the story today and our initial focus was to examine the front cover…

I asked the children, “Is it the three pigs?” #mc replied, “Nooo, bears!” I continue, “How many bears?” #mc counted aloud, “1, 2, 3.”

As I read the story, #gg copies my hand motion and says, “Hot,” when referring to the porridge.

When we look at the picture of the broken chair, #gg and #mc say, “Oh no!,” and gasp. As we look at the illustration of Goldilocks sleeping in baby bears bed, #mc makes a snoring sound.

When we reach the final page of the story and Goldilocks is leaving the bears’ house, #as shouted, “There she is.” #gmj repeated the question, “Where is she going?”

When looking at the front cover of the book with afternoon Pre-Nursery, I ask, “What can you see?” #erc says, “Three bears” and #srw says, “Bears.” I point to the illustration of Goldilocks and ask, “Who is this?” #erc says, “Goldilocks.” #erc was able to finish phrases from the story as I read.

I ask, “What does Goldilocks use to eat the porridge?” #erc says, “Spoon.” We look at the illustration of Goldilocks looking at the porridge, I ask, “What is Goldilocks doing?” #erc tells me, “Licking her lips.” #srw, #lj, #ec and #alr all licked their lips.

When we saw that one of the chairs was broken, I asked, “What’s happened?” #erc says, “She broked it.” I said, “How do you know Goldilocks has broken the chair?” #erc says, “It’s in pieces.” #lj says, “Legs come off.”

When I read, “This bed is just right,” I ask, “How do we know this bed is just right?” #erc says, “Because she’s sleeping in it. The bears are coming back.” I continue, “Is that what happens next, the bears come back?”

#erc points to Goldilocks and says, “She’s running.” I ask, “Where is she running to?” #srw says, “Back to her house.”

The children had lots of fun exploring our new small world area today; I set up an invitation to play by providing different sized bears, bowls, spoons, beds and porridge oats. The children pretended to feed the bears, laid the bears on their beds and explored the texture of the oats.

We have brown playdough, teddybear cutters and a little girl cutter to encourage talk about the story and the characters. #sh sais, “Teddybear,” as she cut out a teddybear in the playdough.

Painting Pigs

We’ve been talking about the features of a pig and thought it would be fun to paint some.

#as said, “A pig, pink.” As she painted. #gg and #mc made excellent pig sounds. #mc pointed to part of her painting and said, “Snout.” #sh pointed to her creation and said, “Pig.”